When something bad happens to good people, follow them - for they are angels from whom we can learn.

Fortuitous Misfortunes

          Do you believe your childhood adversities prevented you from getting the education you deserved? Are you bitter about what you had gone through and wished things could have been different? Do you believe your window of opportunity for an education is closed? Fortuitous Misfortunes offers solutions to these questions and takes you through a boy's life into adulthood who had limited resources and a background rich in educational disadvantages.

          Many books speak to someone who has gone through a devastating childhood or a life filled with debilitating disease, extreme poverty, or a war-torn existence, but this book is about you and me and about the subtle adversities and misfortunes that may have led us just to the falling edge of realizing your educational dream. It helps us to realize that education is lifelong, even well beyond the formal education years.

          This book will take you on a journey of one young boy's adversities and setbacks and offer solutions and advice on the shoulders of great modern-day philosophers. This book will help you look your misfortunes in the eye and help you navigate through them by using the story of one man's example.
Thomas Viviano, Ph.D.


New book coming out soon!

"Achieving Equanimity, My Paths to Balance and Serenity"